Why Should You Choose Verticalmove?

Our ongoing success and existence has been defined by a simple, but unique approach that defies the industry-standard. First and foremost we thrive on building lasting personal relationships with everyone we come in contact with each day. Equally as important is our pursuit to become the most knowledgeable experts in our given area of expertise along with upholding traditional ethics and privacy.

Relationships are the essence of our business

We’ve built a sizable portfolio of clientele from relationships that were established more than twelve-years ago. Reminiscent of our first hire in the industry, an Engineering Manager at Macromedia, this individual still solicits our assistance when building new teams or when she’s looking for the next ‘big thing’ herself – more than a decade later the relationship is still strong.

Headhunting versus Recruiting

We have always considered ourselves as being Headhunters rather than Recruiters. We do not rummage through resume boards searching for that proverbial needle in the bottomless haystack. Find one good resume and its safe to assume that twenty other recruiting firms have found the same individual. No thanks; we’d rather avoid overly competitive situations by identifying professionals that are passive and not announcing their availability to the masses via the Internet. Most of the individuals we either place in contract or full-time assignments are ninety-percent likely to have found their prior position(s) through us as well.

Having the right tools for the job

Good relationships need to start somewhere. We dont want to give away all our secret-sauce, but we have some pretty unique ways of finding people. We’ve had more than 400,000 conversations with more than 100,000 professionals since October 1999 when we founded. We bring value to our clients through an entirely passive and exclusive network of professional talent that they might not have had before.

You can’t buy an exclusive network of professionals

You have to build one and it’s taken us more than 16 years to arrive at this accomplishment. We’ve conversed with more than 35,000 intentionally target technical professionals and continue to help our clientele avoid overly competitive hiring situations by identifying passive professionals rather than those who flock to job boards.

Think of our approach as a controlled lightning strike

It’s a formula that starts by understanding our clientele and all the technical aspects of their business and overall industry. We retain the most knowledgable and experience technical Headhunting professionals from our own industry whom are blind to keywords and search within the depths of a resume for actual experience and interview at levels that most cannot.

Producing the highest number of placements, with fewer resumes, in the least amount of time. No gimmicks or disappointments

This translates into more successful hires with fewer interviews, and more importantly, fewer declined offers. The end result is less wasted time for Hiring Managers & Executives while increasing productivity and profits, which translates into a competitive edge with diminished risk for your company.

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