Why Should You Choose Verticalmove?

There are several advantages to leveraging Independent Contractors rather than Employees, offering financial savings and reduced liability – making Independent Contractors a strategic short-term business asset with no strings attached. Verticalmove’s payroll services have been designed for clients that are engaged in their own recruiting efforts in order to save money and time, or wish to ensure existing temporary staff is IRS compliant.

Payroll service is simple and painless

It’s this simple, introduce to Verticalmove the Independent Contractor that you wish to hire and Verticalmove becomes the ‘Employer of Record’, assuming all liability and ensuring IRS compliance for your business. We handle everything, making available Medical, Dental and 401k benefits, and withholding all appropriate taxes for State and Federal agencies. Given that we’re not involved in the recruiting of the candidate(s) that you introduce to Verticalmove, your costs associated with our involvement are significantly reduced.

Payroll services can help with IRS compliance

Let Verticalmove become the ‘Employer of Record’ and keep your business compliant with all IRS regulations for hiring temporary staff (Independent Contractors). Please get in touch for more information regarding our Payroll services Click Here→

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