Why Should You Choose Verticalmove?

Let’s face it; now that high-tech is hot again, recruiters are coming out of the woodwork. You’re probably feeling overwhelmed with twenty calls daily from recruiters, who six-months earlier, were doing something completely unrelated to our industry.

We're not oblivious to the situation

You want something close to your home in Mountain View; instead recruiters are calling about roles in Pleasanton. You want an established company; the same recruiters are calling about start-ups. Don’t get us wrong, we love Pleasanton; the point is you’re not a square block and shouldn’t be forced into a round hole.

We get it. We understand the disappointments

We’re an incredibly honest and ethical group of professionals who sleep, eat and breathe technology. It’s because we love what we do. We don’t care about being the biggest firm, but instead, the most admired and referred among your circle of influence. We’re well connected throughout the Pacific Northwest, Northern California, Austin and New York.

It's not just what we know. It's who we know

It hasn’t been an easy task, but over the years we’ve won the hearts and minds of hiring managers within some of the worlds most respected software companies, such as Sony, Pandora, Facebook, Zillow, Tivo, EMC, Salesforce.com, Expedia, Adobe and Ebay to name a few. Of course we’re not going to list the names of our smaller, earlier-stage clients – they’re top-secret, but if you call us we’ll tell you all about them.

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